Wahoo Kickr Indoor Trainer



The Wahoo KICKR

Need a solution for those rainy or heatwave days? Look no further, the Wahoo KICKR not only provides security for those non-ideal days, in fact, it goes as far as rivalling your outdoor cycling experience.

A Superior Ride Feel

We all know what the true limitation of old flywheels are, they simply do not feel as responsive or real as an outdoor ride. That’s all about to change with the all new Wahoo KICKR which features significant flywheel improvements that insures an authentic and incredibly real feeling. Go ahead, try it, and you’ll see how enthralling the ride can be regardless whether it be as free ride or via Zwift or Trainer Road.

Silent Hero

We all have that on family member or roommate that just hates any sort of excessive or annoying noise, you know, those people who do not have complete understanding or tolerance for noise. Whether you can relate to that or not, the KICKR is the trainer for you. With it’s all new and improved belt and gear system, you can be guaranteed of finding a spot that will insure your training stealth. In all honesty, the only problem you might face, will be the sound you emit yourself while trying to challenge the KICKR’s ridiculous intensity levels.

Durability For Professionals

Wahoo weren’t messing around when it came to duribility and build quality. The KICKR boasts robust steel that will literally withstand years of bashing from world-class atheletes. The main sentiment is that you can be guaranteed of the KICKR’s structure and reliablitity when it comes to strain.

Insane Power

2,000 watts of resistance… I’ll let that sink in. The KICKR is so powerful, it essentially tells you to challenge riding out the Mount Everest of your goals. The KICKR’s power ensures that you only have to consentrate about your own limits and not those of the KICKR.

As Dependable As They Come

When it comes to indoor training, an accurate power measurement is paramount. The new Wahoo KICKR has an improved measurement (+-2%) which ensures a realistic riding experience, whether you opt to free ride or make use of Zwift or Trainer Road.

Wahoo’s KICKR is a beast. It delivers that realistic outdoor experience you crave on days where it’s just not sensible or viable to go out and ride. At the same time, the KICKR offers superior accuracy while also delivering massive resistance. The KICKR also features a small but significant change over its predecessor, in the fact that it now has two clear LED indicators which confirms connectivity while you ride. Albeit small, this change goes a long way in satisfaction and your connectivity piece of mind while you ride. Finally, the KICKR is also much easier to carry around, as it boasts a re-imagined handle that improves user safety while the device is being moved around.


Improved and Responsive Ride

Yes, with the new KICKR you can experience that thrilling feeling of realistic accelerations and decelerations. Your KICKR will accurately replicate your cycle workouts, whether you spring, challenge your hill climb ability or any other workout you might desire.

It’s Really Quiet

At 61 dB the Wahoo KICKR is the most silent flywheel trainer out there. It’s so quiet that you can literally hear your own racing heart and crunching legs as you sprint towards your goals.

Insane Power and Accuracy

The KICKR now has a max output of 2000 watts that is accurately simulated.

Improved Max Grade

The new KICKR can simulate a full 20 degree incline.

LED Connectivity Lights

The new KICKR comes with a really convenient feature consisting of two LED connectivity lights which confirm Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity.

Durability For Professionals

The KICKR won’t ride off with you, it stays perfectly in place via a sturdy steel frame that is robust and capable of taking years of strain from the most demanding of athletes.

Automatic Resistance

When connected to your app or software of choice, the KICKR will automatically set your preferred resistance, which assists in a more convenient and informed ride.

Authentic Ride Experience

Are you serious about your riding experience? Well, so are we. That is why the KICKR truly encapsulates that intense outdoors riding experience that you crave. Your trainer has been specifically designed to increase your workout satisfaction, by brining that road experience to wherever you chose to set the KICKR up.

Measure Cadence, Speed and Distance

You don’t buy the KICKR exclusively for its realistic riding experience, nor its quietness, accuracy and power levels, no, you also use the KICKR for those important stats that really place your workouts within a context. Your device will, with pint point accuracy, track your Speed, Distance and Candance (when your included Cadence sensor is attached).

Used By Champions

World class yellow jersey performance athletes from Team Sky use the Wahoo KICKR as their trainer of choice.