BuddyGuard – Emergency Response

Safety has become an important discussion topic across our country as you are aware, especially during this challenging year we have had so far.

This product solution can be used in so many ways, not just for cycling. Examples are while jogging, going for walks, going out at night and travelling or commuting.

The device works completely independent from the phone. For example, if your phone gets stolen, the Panic Button may save your life. The button will also immediately provide your location to the control room before them even phoning. The device also does not need to be charged as the battery lasts for more than a year.

BuddyGuard makes use of a network of armed response companies nationally, to ensure the nearest vehicle will respond and cut down the response time drastically. In addition to the armed response, the device also offers medical response for peace of mind when someone is alone and a medical emergency occurs.

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